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    This months edition is dedicated to tea time, we have included projects, articles and even fashion. To open up the magazine click on the June cover, located on the left hand side of the blog page. Enjoy, The Inspire Team.

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August 23, 2009


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Jo in TAS

Love the blog and the new look mag looks great too!

Linda B.

Hi Nicole and team...thanks for a great can I download "Wool Kitty Pillow" Pattern...I managed to print pages from the magazine but where do I download pattern cannont download from the printed magazine...or I couldn' please..thanks
Linda B email [email protected]

Jo in TAS

I had problems with downloading patterns too and also the subscribe to feed didn't work either, it goes to a page full of html.


Thanks again for another great edition of your free magazine. Just thought I'd let you know the link for April 2009 is broken and goes to an Oops page.
I must say I love the Ginger faces for the wreath - great work

Jane Weston

Love the new format. Can you tell me how to get the patterns for the projects. The links in the pdf don't seem to be there.



I have just found this fabulous Magazine and love it. I will be checking here often for updates etc. Great idea.


Great edition this time. HOpe you are doing well with your young family.

Cyndi Neumann

I adore your on-line magazine too, The instructions are awesome and easy to read! I had no trouble downloading to a file and then printing my pattern out for the wool kitty! I just adopted two rescue cats and need something to go with all my Dog Things!
Smiles, Cyndi
Alabama, USA

Barbara B

I cannot seem to display the June or August magazine. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have enjoyed your magazine in past months, just wish it came every month.

carla bynum

Very Nice!!!! I love the home decor and the primitive decorations11111


Love the new look! Is there a way to download the patterns from your site? When I download the magazine there are no clickable links.
Thanks for providing a fun online magazine.

Mary Brien

I've tried clicking on the magazine 'cover' and nothing happens. Can someone help? please!!!!!!!


Have read the above comments with relief that it's not just me having problems! PDF does not seem to work - very disappointing; I was looking forward to having a good read of this lovely mag.

angela beagle

It seems I´m unable to download the current issue.

Lovely magazine!


your magazine is fantastic,very inspirational and greatly appreciated. Thank-you


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